Families with stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, tobacco addiction ... are at risk of stroke.

According to Master, Dr. Tran Thi Mai Thy, Department of Neurology, City International Hospital, stroke is a pathology of partial damage to the brain organ that occurs suddenly because the feeding blood vessels are blocked or broken. When seeing injuries on nerve number 7 manifests as: distorted mouth, weak limbs (by raising both arms to identify), speechless speech, speechless. If any of the above 3 symptoms occur, take your loved one to emergency during the golden time.

Time is the brain of the patient, so please bring family members to the hospital 3 to 4.5 hours early for timely treatment and emergency. There are many cases of new strokes that start when you wake up. Immediately go to bed normally, but in the early morning puberty finds signs of a stroke. In this case, the family members should not hesitate, take the patient immediately to the hospital even though the patient has not been identified at any time, Dr. Thy recommends.

Routine stroke screenings should be performed early to detect possible stroke risk.

The group at higher risk of stroke than the average person:

Family has a stroke

If you have a family history of stroke, you may have an increased risk of stroke due to lifestyle or genetic factors.


Diabetes is a chronic disease, often progressing silently, easily leading to cardiovascular complications, nerve damage, eyes, kidneys ... People with diabetes are at a higher risk of stroke from 2 up to 4 times the normal person.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause vascular disease, including heart and brain disease. The disease can lead to the development of defective, irregularly shaped blood vessels. They can break if it is affected by a large change in blood pressure.

High blood cholesterol

High cholesterol can damage the inner lining of blood vessels throughout the body, especially the heart and brain. Cholesterol tends to form and cause vascular sclerosis, increasing the risk of blood clots, hindering blood supply to the brain.

cardiovascular disease

People with certain cardiovascular conditions such as atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction, heart failure, etc. are often at a very high risk of stroke.


Frequent smoking causes inflammation in blood vessels, which can form blood clots, increasing the risk of stroke.

According to the study, smokers who have fewer than 11 cigarettes a day are 46% more likely to have a stroke than non-smokers. Smoking two packs a day has a five times higher risk of having a stroke. Quitting smoking is the best option to minimize the risk of stroke

Doctors recommend that people who have one of these problems go to a health center for regular screening for stroke risk. This helps the doctor know the body's indicators, giving advice on the risk of stroke. From there, promptly adjust your lifestyle, way of life, have appropriate treatment roadmap, reduce the risk of stroke effectively.

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The program will discuss in-depth the pathology, including high risk factors for stroke, hyperlipidemia, hypertension & atherosclerosis, diabetes complications leading to stroke, and how to control stroke

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