Potential heart attack symptoms can be subtle, like extra fatigue, feeling out of breath or unexplained pains. Think of cardiovascular disease immediately and need medical examination and treatment early.

Shortness of breath (feeling short of breath, short of breath)

Sudden shortness of breath, shortness of breath when lying down, unable to breathe must sit up for breathing, nocturnal dyspnea ... Especially dyspnea on exertion, for example, you find it difficult to breathe after exercising, doing heavy work ... But sometimes it is difficult to breathe because of a pulmonary embolism that blocks a blood vessel in the lungs or is having a heart attack or heart attack. It is very life-threatening, causing shortness of breath due to lack of air or feeling very uncomfortable. It is best to take the patient to emergency immediately.

Mitral valve openness is a cause of heart failure and chest pain.

Do not overlook the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Chest pain (pain in the heart area)

Chest pain is a common sign of cardiovascular disease but can also occur in many other non-cardiovascular diseases. In cardiovascular disease, in addition to myocarditis due to myocarditis, the cause of chest pain in cardiovascular disease is mainly due to decreased or blocked blood flow to the heart muscle (commonly due to coronary stenosis), chest pain will decrease and disappear. when blood flow to the heart muscle improves (taking vasodilators). Clinically, the manifestation of angina pectoris, sometimes mild and sudden, may be difficult to recognize and be ignored, ignored, or perceived to be neglected, while pain Chest tightness can turn into danger. So, if you often feel chest pain, you should see a doctor immediately to detect the disease early. In angina, if the electrocardiogram will show myocardial ischemia.

Suspense, palpitations

A pounding heart (or palpitations) is a feeling of a pounding heart or a pounding heartbeat in the chest, maybe just because you are worried about something or just because you are straining, stretching such as running, swimming ... but sometimes it is a sign of a heart attack, hypertension or arrhythmia ... Need medical attention immediately.

Swelling in the ankles (ankles)

The feature of edema due to the heart is purple edema. Swelling in the legs (especially noticeable in the ankles) If the edema of the right heart failure is often accompanied by other signs of circulatory stasis, such as a floating neck vein, increased central venous pressure. It should be distinguished from leg edema of varicose veins of the lower extremities or varicose veins of the legs: the degree of bipolar disease varies, the morning wake up disappears and may be accompanied by a limp.

Dizziness in the morning waking up or fainting

Or dizziness in the morning, commonly seen as orthostatic hypotension (or orthostatic hypotension), which may be due to diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cardiovascular collapse, or medication side effects. Treatment used include diuretics and blood pressure medications. Or it could be postural vertigo caused by vestibular disorders. In addition, people who faint may also be the cause of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical attention to determine the cause and treat it early.

Purple skin and mucosa

Normally the body is healthy, blood circulation is good, the skin has a warm pink color, but if lack of oxygen, the skin will turn blue, at first, the color of the skin and mucosa will be blue and purple in the lips, nails, and toenails , after hard work may appear blue-green body ... most likely you are suffering from a certain cardiovascular disease, need to have a medical examination.

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