Cardiovascular disease is one of the common diseases, appearing silently but the consequences are extremely serious. Routine cardiac exams also become more necessary than ever.

No matter the condition, most patients realize that early detection and treatment is key to maintaining health and the best possible long-term prognosis.  This is precisely the reason that colonoscopies are recommended at age 50 and that many perform their own skin checks and breast self-exams each month.  It’s a small measure but one that may be life-saving. According to statistics, the death rate from cardiovascular disease is still leading despite doctors having many modern medical equipment. So the reason why despite the many methods and machines supporting treatment, the disease rate has not decreased, is it because the disease was discovered late?

It is estimated that in Vietnam, every 4 adults will have at least 1-2 people at risk of cardiovascular disease and the death rate due to this disease is also increasing. The means used to diagnose cardiovascular disease are so sophisticated that doctors can take pictures of the internal blood vessels to see what percentage of clogging is blocked.

Most cardiovascular disease is at high risk of death because the signs of cardiovascular disease are still very dim. The good news is that the screenings needed to help ensure a healthy heart are not invasive and can be performed by your physician during the course of a routine physical exam.  When performed at recommended intervals and with family and medical history also taken into account, these simple tests can give your doctor great insight into your overall heart health and help safeguard you from future problems.

When Should You have a Heart Health Checkup?

The function of the heart is to simply understand that the task of pushing blood to all corners of the body and in that blood stream must have enough oxygen to supply to other organs such as the limbs. , brain, glomeruli, heart wall ...

Once the amount of blood to the cells is not enough, the body will produce symptoms of fatigue and depression.

At this time, the patient should see a doctor for examination, related tests to see if the circulatory system in general and the heart in particular have any problems or not, or have had symptoms of illness. cardiovascular but we don't know yet.

Who needs regular cardiac exams?

In the past, only older people had a regular cardiovascular examination, but in recent years studies have shown that cardiovascular diseases are tending to appear in young, healthy people.

The number of patients with sudden death usually appear in the following subjects:

  • Those who are obese.
  • People who work a lot but are sedentary.
  • People who regularly smoke.
  • Family members with a history of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, diabetes, etc.
  • These groups of people need to have regular cardiac exams, although they still feel good and have no abnormal symptoms.

In addition, there are also two other groups of subjects that need to be concerned and should go for periodic cardiac examinations that are people who have a history of hyperlipidemia and who often drink alcohol or have gout.

Most people often think that they will see that disease. But in fact, the majority of current diseases will either affect the cardiovascular system or from the cardiovascular system to affect those diseases.

Dr. Bui Thi Xuan Nga, M.Sc. Cardiology is sharing information about cardiovascular and hypertension.

And no matter what illness the patient comes for, the doctor will have to examine all the braided organs in the body. Because just a bad part will affect other parts.

If we define death as the heart stopping, then in all the diseases today everyone must pay attention to cardiovascular problems, even healthy people like sports people need to See your doctor about which sports are good for your cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular doctors recommend that, for those who do not have high blood pressure, no blood fat but blood vessels can still have sudden spasms leading to consequences such as stroke, myocardial infarction ... Therefore If we do not want to be a victim of cardiovascular diseases, we need to:

Always let the spirit be relaxed, comfortable, avoiding tress, stress, fatigue, ...

Make healthy lifestyle changes, add heart-healthy foods.

Take this to heart

Going for a heart checkup is the only way to know if you are at risk of suffering a heart disease. And with 1 in 4 deaths being caused by heart disease, you’re better off knowing where you stand. Schedule a heart checkup today to live a healthy life.

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