City International Hospital is proud to offer 500 Consultaion Sessions for Cardiovascular Health (equilvalent to 1,200,000 VND) totally free of charge only in October 2019.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the common diseases, appearing silently but the consequences are extremely serious. Routine cardiac exams also become more necessary than ever.

According to statistics, the death rate from cardiovascular disease is still leading despite doctors having many modern medical equipment. So the reason why despite the many methods and machines supporting treatment, the disease rate has not decreased, is it because the disease was discovered late?

It is estimated that in Vietnam, every 4 adults will have at least 1-2 people at risk of cardiovascular disease and the death rate due to this disease is also increasing. The means used to diagnose cardiovascular disease are so sophisticated that doctors can take pictures of the internal blood vessels to see what percentage of clogging is blocked.

Most cardiovascular disease is at high risk of death because the signs of cardiovascular disease are still very dim. By the time the disease came out, most of them were in the advanced stage, causing the patient to "not return quickly".

In order to help people control and protect their health and limit the risk of stroke caused by cardiovascular disease, the doctors at City International Hospital will listen to share about the health status and give advice. 

City International Hospital offers 500 cardiovascular health counseling packages for all customers.

If you and your loved ones are having doubts or have been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, the cardiovascular health counseling package is essential for you. As a personal cardiologist for your family, CIH doctors will help you prevent stroke due to cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, anemia, hyperglycemia, arrhythmia, anemia, ...

Sign up for a free Consultaion Session at City Heart Hospital's cardiologist at 0987.853.793

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