A male patient N.H.T, 37 years old, living in Go Vap, diagnosed with Hemifacial Spasm in the left side of his face was successfully cured under microvascular decompression by a team of Neurosurgeons at City International Hospital.

On November 3, 2019, N.H.T male patient entered City International Hospital for examination with symptoms of left half face, eyes and mouth jerking constantly. Through medical history, medical examination and brain MRI revealed nerve VII on the left side of a patient with a pinched blood vessel, and was diagnosed with a hemiplegia. After being consulted, the patient chooses to treat with surgical treatment of microcirculation wire VII.

Figure 1. The high-resolution MRI performed, indeed identified a culprit blood vessel pulsating against the facial nerve.

On November 4, 2019, the patient was directly operated by Dr. Le Trong Nghia specialist level II, Neurosurgery Departmentat City International Hospital. The surgery lasted 02 hours and the patient was discharged after 3 days of surgery.

Figure 2. The patient was happy that the surgery was successful and could be discharged after 3 days of surgery.

Sharing about half-face convulsions, Dr. Le Trong Nghia said, Half-face convulsion (or facial half spasm) is a dysfunction of the facial nerve (nerve VII). This disease is characterized by first pulling on the eyelids, then progressing to jerky cheek muscles and spreading to the entire side of the face. Seizures can cause insomnia, limit vision, interfere with everyday activities like reading, watching television or driving, and especially cosmetic issues that make patients less confident in communication. Some people endure for several decades because they do not know how to treat it and lead to depression and depression.

When there are signs of this, the patient should go to the hospital with deep specialized in Neurosurgery to be examined and diagnosed correctly. There are many ways to treat this pathology, in mild cases, you can take oral medications, or inject muscle paralysis into spastic muscles. However, most cases will recur and get worse. Finally, surgical treatments.

Surgery to treat the disease has been a long time, so far many studies in the world and Vietnam have shown that this is an effective treatment method with a success rate of about 90% of the schools. well suited. However, this surgery requires modern equipment that not all hospitals can invest. City International Hospital is one of the hospitals invested in a modern operating system with intensive neurosurgery equipment to be able to perform this surgery.

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With modern equipment, aseptic hospital environment, especially a team of experienced specialists, patients will feel secure when seeking and treating at City International Hospital.

Dr. Le Trong Nghia, specialist level II Neurosurgery, City International Hospital, specializes in examining, diagnosing and treating brain, spinal and peripheral neuropathy. Doctors are highly trained in surgical surgery and medical treatment. In particular, Dr. Nghia has many years of experience in treating brain and spinal cord tumors, cerebral aneurysms, vascular malformations, brain and spine injuries, strokes and degenerative spinal problems, surgery. invasive spine surgery and disc replacement ...

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