Not everyone knows and examines brain tumors early. This is the pathology that tumors form in the brain. Signs of atypical disease and the majority of people have not actively screened, until the disease was discovered, it has almost turned into a severe stage, a large tumor, deep inside the brain.

Dr. Le Trong Nghia - Department of Neurology and surgery - City International Hospital shared, brain tumors can be benign and malignant. Brain tumors need to be examined by a neurologist and a brain magnetic resonance scan to diagnose brain tumors. Signs easily identify one-sided weakness, prolonged headache, dizziness, nausea, hearing loss on one side .... Depending on the tumor location, the doctor will consider appropriate treatment.

There are 3 main methods: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery is the main method, removing part of the tumor to check how the tumor is malignant, what kind of cells, in some cases it will take the whole tumor ..., Dr. Nghia said.

Dr. Le Trong Nghia, Level II specialization in Neurosurgery, City International Hospital

Radiation therapy: is to use X-rays, protons, ... to destroy tumors in the brain. This method is for patients with small tumors or additional treatment after surgery, the case of deep tumors difficult to get, causing many difficulties for surgery.

 Chemotherapy: drugs that kill tumor cells, but this method plays a small role in certain tumors.

 Brain tumor surgery is major and invasive so there is a risk of bleeding and infection after surgery. There are 02 main surgical methods: microsurgery and laparoscopic surgery. There are also other methods such as navigation navigation to help pinpoint the location, find the best surgical path, and help manipulate the exact tumor location. In addition, ultrasound can be used to remove tumors, Dr. Nghia stressed.

Modern Medical Program featuring brain tumors aired on VTV9.

To treat brain tumors, patients need to share specifically with the medical history, status as well as all other family-related issues. All of the accompanying conditions, if any, can help doctors more accurately treat them. In particular, patients need to keep optimism, eat well and follow the doctor's prescription.

 In terms of nutrition, it is necessary to supplement the nutrients, not abstinence, drink plenty of water and avoid risk foods such as: alcohol and tobacco. Avoid environments with toxic chemicals.

 Detailed information about brain tumors made in Modern Medicine special was aired on VTV9. You can see more here.

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