Morning October 2, 2018, Operation Smile, a non-profit medical  service organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA visited and met with the Board of City International Hospital.

Attending a meeting held at CIH, with Operation Smile led by Dr. William P. Magee, Founder and CEO of Operation Smile; Kathleen S. Magee, Founder and President of Operation Smile. Representative of International Hospital City, with the participation of Ms. Tran Thi Lam, Hoa Lam Group Chairman, Hospital Owner, Ms. Saski Duong, Senior Manager of Hospital, Doctor. John Louis Lucas, General Director of City International Hospital, and other key staff.

During the meeting, representatives of City International Hospital, General Director. John Louis Lucas shared: "At present, City International Hospital has excellent health facilities and high quality standard surgery department. Pediatric department of CIH is also a key department. In our upcoming future, we would like to cooperate with Operation Smile to carry out at a later stage to surgical treatments for Cleft lip, harelip and cleft palate, together to bring back those brightly innocent smiles to Vietnamese children. In Vietnam, most people are not aware of Defense mechanisms and disease prevention, an early medical examination for timely treatment. I think we should convey these messages to the community in various forms to help improve community health and social security. "

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. William P. Magee, General Manager of Operation Smile, said: "City International Hospital has a very comfortable and modern facility with a full range of medical specialties. We look forward to cooperating with the Hospital in the upcoming projects to improve and bring healthy happy smiles to Vietnamese children, to the community as well as the world. We are extremely grateful to the Board of Management and the hospital's investors for this meeting and the opportunity for a good cooperation in the future. "
Later at the meeting, Ms.Tran Thi Lam, Chairman of Hoa Lam Group, also owner of City International Hospital, shared all of the difficulties and advantages starting from day 1 of her career empty handed to today outstanding achievements, especially in medical field. With a burning desire to bring affordable and world-class health care to Vietnamese people, international community and beyond, Hoa Lam has continuously made efforts in investing and building a high-tech medical model. , building a power team of professional doctors, as well as expanding hospitals investment opening in May 2018.

The meeting ended on a positive note and on behalf of Hoa Lam Group, Ms. Tran Thi Lam was honored to receive a commemorative book of operation smile’s all life-saving journey for children around the world by Dr. William P Mr. Smile, CEO of Operation Smile.
In 2018, City International Hospital will coordinate with Hoa Lam hospital and Operation Smile organization to carrying out many new volunteer projects to help disadvantaged children in Vietnam and all over the world.