Get a status check on your health with our City Longevity Package below.

City Longevity

Tests include Man   Lady 
Medical Consultation    
General Practice Consultation  x   x 
ENT Consultation x x
Dental Consultation  x  x
Ophthalmology Consultation  x  x
Urology Consultation  x   
Gynecology Consultation    x
Specialist Gastroenterology Consultation- first time      
Dietitian Consultation x x
Specialty Procedure    
Dental cleaning and polishing (level 1) x x
ENT endoscopy x x
OCT-Ocular Fundus Exam x x
Spirometry (includes drugs, concumable) (CIH machine) x x
Blood Test      
Complete Blood Count (CBC)  x x
Blood Group: ABO & Rhesus - Determination 1  x x
Ferritin  x x
Iron  x x
Vitamin B12  x x
Folate  x x
Diabetes Screening      
Fasting Blood Glucose  x x
Insulin  x x
HbA1C  x x
Kidney Function Test      
Serum BUN  x x
Serum Creatinine   x x
Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Cl-)  x x
Liver Function Test      
AST (Aspartate aminotransferase)  x x
ALT (Alanine aminotransferase)  x x
GGT (Gamma Glutamyl transferase)  x x
Serum Bilirubin ( total, direct, and indirect)  x x
Total Blood Protein  x x
Alkalin phosphatase  x x
Blood Albumin  x x
Bone & Joint Study      
Total Blood Calcium  x x
Blood Uric acid  x x
Vitamine D3   x x
Urine Analysis       
Urinalysis   x x
Lipid Profile Study      
Total Cholesterol   x x
HDL-Cholesterol  x x
LDL-Cholesterol  x x
Triglycerides  x x
STDs Screening      
HBs Ab (quantitative)  x x
HBs antigen   x
HBs Ab  x  x
Anti-HCV (EIA) x x
HIV 1&2 screening test x x
VDRL (Syphillis) x  x 
Thyroid Function Test      
TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) x  x 
Free T3  x   x 
Free T4 x  x 
Cardiovascular system study      
Electrocardiogram  x  x
Echocardiogram  x   x 
Ankle - brachial index  x   x 
Coronary Artery Calcium Score  x   x 
Diagnostic Imaging      
Abdominal Ultrasound  x   x 
Thyroid Ultrasound  x   x 
BMD (Femoral neck and lumber spine)  x   x 
Carotid & verterbral artery doppler ultrasound   x   x 
Scrotum ultrasound  x   
Wholebody CT scan W/O contrast  x  x
Gynecology Study      
Breast Ultrasound    x 
Bilateral mammography    x 
Transvaginal Pelvic Ultrasound     x 
HPV Genotyping, PCR-ELISA    x 
Thin prep PAP's smear    x 
Cancer Screening Tests      
Helicobacter Pylori Test x  x 
EBV IgG (ELISA)  x   x 
EBV IgM (ELISA)  x   x 
AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein)  x   x 
CEA (Carcino embryonic antigen)  x  x
CA19.9 (Carcinoma antigen 19.9)  x   x 
CA 12-5 (Ovarian cancer screening)    x 
CA15.3 (Breast cancer screening)    x 
Total PSA (Prostate specific antigen)  x   
FOB (Faecal Occult Blood) - rapid test  x   x 
Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Comprehensive Panel (49 Genes) [Cancer Next Expanded] x x
Price (VND) 60,000,000  63,000,000

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