On 10 February of 2018, Operation Smile, a non-profit organization in Norfolk, Virginia, America had paid a visit to City International Hospital.

Attending the meeting, there were Dr. William P. Magee, Founder and CEO of Operation Smile; Kathleen S. Magee, Founder and President of Operation Smile. Represented City International Hospital, there was Madam Tran Thi Lam, Chairwoman of Hoa Lam Group and Hospital Owner. Ms. Saski Duong, Senior Manager of Hospital. Dr. John Louis Lucas, CEO of the hospital and many key officers.

During the meeting, Dr. John Louis Lucas shared: ”At the present, City International Hospital has good medical facilities and operating equipment. The Pediatric Department here is also one of those specialties with great performance. In the near future, we would want to cooperate with the Operation Smile to carry out cleft lip and palate surgeries for Vietnamese children. In Vietnam, most people are not aware of the importance of disease prevention or medical examination in the early stage for timely treatment I believe we should convey these messages to the community in various forms to improve social health condition”.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. William P. Magee, CEO of Operation Smile said: “City International Hospital has a very comfortable and modern facility with a full range of medical specialties. We are looking forward to cooperating with this hospital in the the upcoming projects to improve health and bring the smile to unlucky children in Vietnam and worldwide. We are extremely grateful to the Board of City International Hospital for the opportunity to meet and cooperate in the future”.

At the meeting, Chairwoman of Hoa Lam Group, the owner of City International Hospital, Madam Tran Thi Lam shared about the difficulties and advantages since the first day of her career, started form the bottom with empty hands, now she has achieved so many goals, especially in the field of medical. With the desire to bring world-class health and medical care to the people of Vietnam and the international community in the future, Hoa Lam is restlessly making efforts to develop a high-tech medical model with a team of skilled physicians, expanding the investment in the Hoa Lam hospital which operating in May of 2018.