23 March-Prenatal Nutrition Class: Nourishment for Two
Monday 18 March 2019
Many women think pregnancy means eating for two’ but the reality is you only need an extra few hundred calories a day. How to satisfy cravings and hunger without overdoing it?
Friday 15 March 2019
CIH's Vaccines Supply Availability
Last update 18 March 2019 |  This Table of Vaccines Supply Availability is created and frequently updated for everyone convenience.
Thursday 14 March 2019
Successful surgical emergency of cauda equina syndrome
That was how an emergency physician recounted a report he had received from an EMS crew upon arrival to City International Hospital. the doctor continued. "Essentially,...
Thursday 14 March 2019
The Silent Glaucoma May Cause Permanent Blindness
Also referred as the ‘Silent Thief’, glaucoma was declared as the second most leading cause of blindness by the World Health Organization (WHO), cataracts being the...
Thursday 14 March 2019
Glaucoma -
As to why it is referred as the ‘Silent Thief’, it creeps in on majority of its victims without them ever knowing about it. People at higher risk include age 40 and...

City International Hospital which is in the Hi-Tech Healthcare Park of Hoa Lam - Shangrila is one of the leading medical centers in Vietnam. The hospital always wants to bring the best healthcare services with international quality.

Pediatrics department of City International Hospital is proud to be one of the best performing specialties, attracting many patients to visit. With modern medical equipment and dedicated nursing staff, the leading doctors are in charge, the Pediatrics department of the hospital becomes a prestigious, convenient medical facility for children of many parents.

In particular, the hospital also designed a mini play area within the faculty with full of entertainment games for children, creating a warm and friendly environment for children and parents to communicate with each other.

An attractive playground for children while waiting.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hieu, (34 years old), said: "I always take my child to City International Hospital. The service here is not only very good but the doctors and staff are very enthusiastic. The hospital environment is also very modern, making me feel very comfortable and friendly."

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hieu always takes his child to City International Hospital.

Ms. Thuy (34 years old), a regular customer of the hospital said: "I have brought my child here for checkup since birth, because my child was born at City International Hospital. I often visit Dr. Nguyen Bach Hue, Head of Pediatrics. Dr. Hue is very devoted and caring, always friendly with the patient”.

Similar to Ms.Le (38 years old): "My son usually have a fever, I used to bring my child to the medical center specializing in children. However, the waiting time is very long and the service is not really good. Since knowing City International Hospital, I moved to visit here. The service quality is very good, the staff is enthusiastic, the doctors are highly skilled and very dedicated. The cost compared to other hospitals is similar, but the benefits are much greater, so every time choosing a hospital brought my child here."

In addition, the head of Pediatric Department of City International Hospital is Specialist Nguyen Bach Hue. With nearly 30 years of professional experience at Children Hospital 1, Dr. Hue has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases. Doctor has had many scientific researches are highly appreciated, reported in and outside Vietnam such as: Am. J. Trop. Med. Hy; PloS Neglected Tropical Disease; The New England Journal of Medicine...

Nguyen Bach Hue,Specialist II is having a medical examination at City International Hospital

In order to help clients, especially mothers and children have the best health care experience with international standards, City International Hospital regularly organizes workshops to provide useful knowledge for pregnant women about how to care from pregnancy to the process of physical and brain development of the baby.

One of the events about mother and baby took place at City International Hospital.

In the effort to take care of the public health, City International Hospital has been developing and constantly improving the quality of service to local and international customers. In particular, the hospital's pediatrics department is one of the key departments, always pioneering in all activities to improve the diverse needs of customers.

Hospital Information:

? Address: International City Hospital: No. 3, 17A Street, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (028) 6280 3333 (Press 0) to meet the operator.

? Website: www.cih.com.vn