Sunday morning of August 19th, 2018,  City International Hospital’s monthly prenatal seminar on “Safe Labor Induction" welcomed nearly 100 moms-to-be attended for getting peace of mind once it’s closer and closer to welcome their babies to this beautiful world. Our hospital wishes to make your labor and delivery experience a safe and memorable one.

Being instructed by Dr. Quach Van, all moms-to-be as well as their partners got their step-by-step guide to the stages of labor and discussion on a safe induction plan.

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 Nearly 100 moms are getting instructed on how to bring on labor safely.

According to Dr. Quach Van, "During pregnancy, mother is bridging their child with the real world. That’s why having mothers well motoring their health is such essential and necessary as watching their babies’ health every step of the way (fetal movement & signs of delivery). Closely and carefully watching the mother’s diet and nutritious intake physically and emotionally are most important factors to pay much attention to.

Dr. Quach Van instructs nearly 100 moms how to bring on labor safely.

Besides, the father is also important as the mother, not just financially, fathers-to-be need to be knowledgeable   about choosing a trustworthy hospital,  a good doctor to safely welcome  their little angels. Both parents should not ignore the instructions on the signs of labor as well as postpartum mother & baby care.

As clear and careful as Dr.Quach Van, his Q&A section got so much attention from the audience. The doctor spent the entire hour on answering as many questions as he could which was found so helpful to all mothers and their partners. Questions and Answers such as The Truth About Nuchal Cords (Umbilical Cord Around Baby's Neck), an epidural nerve block when a woman chooses to get anesthesia during childbirth to reduce pain and inflammation in your back, neck, arms, or legs, sanitary bath after birth ... Mother's elect can listen to the livestream of the program at City International Hospital fan page..

Guideline on bathing an infant

The program also gave mothers guideline on bathing an infant, and hospital tour to our delivery and post-delivery room.

Hospital tour to our delivery and post-delivery room

Post Program picture

Important notes for moms shared by Dr. Quach Van:

Kegel exercise during pregnancy

Items to bring to your labor and deliver

  • Baby: hats, gloves, feet, clothes, towels, milk towels ...
  • Mother: comfortable underwear, breastfeeding, diaper

Birth Signs

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Pink Discharge
  • When to go to the hospital?
  • Water breaking,, vaginal bleeding
  • Fetal movement
  • Multiple abdominal pain.

After birth

  • Regular bathing.
  • Skin-to-skin contact (for normal and pregnant women).

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