- Eating during Pregnancy is one of the top concerned topics for all moms-to-be. In this article Dr Tran Thi Kim Xuyen - Head of OB/GYN Department at City International Hospital will show you in-depth of this issue.

A developing fetus needs protein to build all of the cells of its body. The maternal diet supplies all of the protein a baby needs, so if a pregnant woman is deficient, her baby can suffer. Because the baby grows more rapidly during the second and third trimesters, protein levels during the latter half of the pregnancy are more important than earlier in fetal development. During the final trimester, maternal protein intake supports the growth of the fetal brain, so not getting enough protein during this time period can affect mental functioning of the child.

Dr. Kim Xuyen is giving instructions to 300 moms-to-be  at City international Hospital's July Prenatal Seminar.

Fetal growth can be affected by the protein levels in a mother-to-be's diet, but a pregnant woman might be uncertain about the exact amount and type of protein she needs. Pregnant women need about 80-100 grams of protein every day, which can be supplied from a variety of foods. Listed below are foods proven to have highest protein content to help you choose from:

  1. Avocado is one of the richest foods with high protein content (40g per 100g avocado). Add yogurt in your avocado smoothie really bring this shake to another level.
  2. Beans: The bigger and more mature the beans are, the higher they are in protein content. (40gr of protein per 100g beans). Having beef sautéed with green beans sautéed is an absolute satisfying dish rich in protein.
  3. Lean beef: lean beef provides almost half the daily recommendation for protein (36g protein in every 100g beef.)
  4. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds: very common in Vietnam. These seeds contain 33gr protein in 100gr seed.
  5. Lean meat (chicken, pork, lamb and roasted chicken): 30gr of protein in 100g lean meat. Pregnant women are highly recommended to have plenty of lean meat and much less fat during their pregnancy.
  6. Fish and Roe (fish eggs): (any kinds of freshwater fish and safe salt water fish such as: Anchovies, Salmon, Sardines...): Fish is always a great supplemental food during pregnancy; you can add safe fish such as carp to your diet. However, stay away from cold-water like King Mackerel, Cetacean... which contain consistently high levels of methylmercury and may endanger fetuses.
  7. Seaweed and Spirulina: huge source of protein with almost 60gr of protein / 100gr. In addition, spirulina products on the market also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you are slightly thin, weak state can also add this instead of prenatal supplements.
  8. Shrimps and Crabs: an excellent source of protein (20g in every 100g shrimps).
  9. Nuts: This crunchy (and convenient) snack is full of healthy fats (including those brain-boosting omega-3s we mentioned earlier), protein (20g in every 100g nuts), fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals. However Peanuts are also one of the most common allergy-causing foods. So add nuts into your diet if you’ don’t have nut allergy.
  10. Sunflower Seeds: Great source of Protein (20g in every 100g nuts) which is also perfect to snack on.

Delivery of the Baby will be depending your health status of pregnancy. Your health care provider will find a medical reason for you to have normal birth or a S-section. If you’re 2 months in pregnancy, it’s too early to make conclusion out of. You can visit the City International Hospital for further advice.

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