A recent research published by the WHO (World health Organization) and UNICEF shows that babies who were breastfed within an hour of delivery had better protection against infections. 

Babies who started breastfeeding a few hours after delivery already had 33% higher risk of mortality from severe infections, while in babies who started breastfeeding only on the second day the mortality risk was doubled - compared to babies who started breastfeeding within the first hour! 

Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen – Head of OB/GYN Department presenting "Breatfeeding and Childcare" at City International Hospital 

Breast feeding and skin to skin contact immediately after delivery is the best way to give your baby the best protection. The baby receives antibodies and other immune components from the breast milk and “Good bacteria” enters his gut, which adds protection against violent bacteria. 

 Sadly, in many hospitals in Vietnam doctors and nurses are not aware of the importance of early breastfeeding and early contact. They take the baby away from the mother soon after the delivery and the mother would see her baby only hours and sometimes even days after birth. This bad conduct discourages breastfeeding and increases the risk of infections and allergies in later life. 

When you go to the hospital to give birth - insist on having your baby immediately after delivery, whether you give birth in a normal delivery or C section. Make it clear in advance, before you even enter the delivery room, that you want your baby with you to hug and breastfeed as soon as he comes out into this world. It will be a wonderful first experience for your baby and the first best thing you can do for him as a mother!

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