Dengue epidemic is booming in Binh Dinh province with more than 700 cases in 2 months. How to prevent dengue fever, especially in children. When children with dengue need treatment and care? Here are the shares of Dr Nguyen Bach Hue , specialist Level II Pediatrics and Head of Pediatrics Department City International Hospital.

According to the statistics of the Department of Health of Binh Dinh Province, the whole province has more than 816 cases of dengue fever, especially one death in Quy Nhon City. Worth mentioning, dengue fever outbreaks occurred in 11/11 districts, towns and cities in the province. In particular, An Lao district has the lowest number of cases with 8 cases, Hoai Nhon district has the highest number of cases with 169 cases.

Dr. Nguyen Bach Hue said that dengue fever has not had a preventive vaccine, so parents need to pay attention to the children's living and living environment. For houses with gardens, luxuriant plants need clearing the bushes, keeping hygiene from stagnant ponds, stagnant water. If the family has a water tank, the aquarium needs to change clean water often and if there are mosquitoes to sleep nets.

Regarding the way to care for children with dengue fever, Dr. Hue noted that parents should monitor and reduce the fever for children. When the disease onset is easily confused with other diseases. As the disease progresses, complications and death can occur. Signs parents should note that children with fever for more than 2 consecutive days, antipyretics are not reduced. Children complain of abdominal pain, vomiting and the appearance of bleeding spots under the skin. Parents pay special attention to clean the house, eliminate mosquito larvae, avoid loading too much as a place for mosquito convergence.

For patients who have suffered from dengue fever, Dr. Hue recommends treatment according to the MOH protocol. If there are no signs of serious illness can be treated at home by: reducing fever for children with paracetamol, hapacol in doses appropriate for their age, cool the child and drink plenty of water. In case of heavier children, children should be taken immediately to health facilities for intensive treatment.

Note to parents when their child has dengue fever

  • Do not shave the wind or cut the ceremony as this could cause the child to become infected.
  • Do not use antipyretics harmful to children that can cause gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Do not let children drink dark drinks such as carbonated water, coca ... confusing gastrointestinal bleeding is difficult to assess.
  • Children should not be given intravenous fluids at home or in medical facilities that do not meet the medical conditions to shock, shock, and pulmonary edema are very dangerous ...

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