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Gateway for a young GP was clearly shown to him and totally shape goal  making a turn to become an obstetrician & gynecologist when he saw most precious moments of a parent smiling, laughing, and bursting into tears welcoming their child to this wonderful world.

Gateway Of becoming a doctor…

As far back as I can remember; I knew I was going to be a doctor. It’s shaped by experiences and hard to put into words. When I entered medical school, I had this very esteemed white coat ceremony.  It’s a memorable occasion, where speakers tell newbie medical students and their families all that it means to wear such a coat: the responsibility, the ethical code, the professionalism, the compassion all intertwined to make up the very fabric of each embalmed cape.

I have been interested in a career in childbirth and women's health found when I was actually aiming to study other specialties until my senior year in medical school, I caught enjoyable moments in new parenthood. From that day on, my world changed as I felt like OB/GYN would be the best opportunity for me to help other families in a meaningful way as they became parents.”

Dr. Quach Van, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, City international Hospital

I decided to switch to childbirth and women's health thought I had a lot of catching up to do — and I actually still wasn’t sure I’d found the right path until my second clinical rotation, which was in obstetrics and gynecology. I really enjoyed obstetrics, and I enjoyed my next rotation in obstetrics even more. I believe that, as obstetrician, I have the duty and responsibility to offer the safest and least invasive options to our patients with the goal of improving patient outcomes with shortened recovery times.”

I let myself free between other judgements and gender- barrier of a young male doctor choose to go with Women’s health and childbirth. "However, being a male obstetrician is not an easy thing when having to deal with gender-related barriers to discussing sexual health in consultations: barrier sometimes they react very strongly and ask to change another doctor immediately when they see it. In fact, in the first period, this is probably the most frustrating thing for him when he was continuously denied. ” But I was not discouraged by those obstacles, and so there was Dr. Quach today.

Dr. Quach Van primary goal as a physician remains ensuring that each patient receives the highest available standard of care.

Can't Stop Won't Stop

On the celebration of 2019 Vietnam Doctor's Day (February 27), Dr. Quach Van sincerely am appreciated for all my knowledge of medicine. As physicians, patients rely on us to help them make life-saving decisions and we need patients to be honest with us so that we can give the highest quality medical advice. ”shared Dr. Quach Van.

"Medical diseases are becoming more complex, and people are living longer. There has never been a time where patients need to trust their doctors more. All doctors need to remember their oath and put the patient back in center focus. Patients need to learn that the vast majority us care about our patients and have their best interests in mind. We all need to become a team again. Patients need to regain our trust, and our profession needs to re-establish its integrity. Fortunately I found City International Hospital where  I find the warmth of friendly collaboration, the professional of putting patient first and wonderful patient experience ”shared Dr. Quach Van.

And at City International Hospital, the mission to bring happiness to that family will never stop. A doctor Quach Van will accompany you every step from start to finish, where happiness times two!

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