– According to Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City, up to now (July 2019), there are 17 hospitals that are capable of receiving and treating stroke patients in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Stroke Care Center of The People 115 Hospital has the largest scale and full of the medical techniques for stroke treatments. The hospital is also the first hospital in Asia to receive the "Certificate of Gold Treatment Quality Standards" of European Stroke Association. Recently, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine Center has also been recognized as the second hospital in Asia to achieve this gold quality standard.

The Stroke Care Center of The People 115 Hospital is always overloaded. Therefore, the stroke specialists of the hospital transferred stroke treatment techniques to many other hospitals in the city and countrywide.

In Ho Chi Minh City, a total of 17 hospitals can receive and treat stroke patients. To make the most out of the "golden time window" for best treatment effects, when there is a sign of F.A.S.T, you should call 115 immediately or quickly bring the patient to the nearest stroke care center.


Hospitals, in the network of accredited stroke centers, are able to perform stroke treatment techniques respectively:

Hospital Model Scale (bed) Treatment Techniques
Intensive Medical Treatment rTPA (Alteplase) Vascular Intervention Brain surgery
1. People 115 Hospital(*) Stroke Center 140
2. Bệnh viện ĐH Y Dược TPHCM (*) Stroke Unit 24
3. BV Chợ Rẫy Stroke Unit Flexible
4. BV Thống Nhất Stroke Unit 10
5. BV Nhân Dân Gia Định  Stroke Unit 35 
6. BV Quận Thủ Đức  Stroke Unit 20 
7. BV Xuyên Á Stroke Unit 100         
8. BV Gia An 115  Stroke Unit 20         
9. City International Hospital  Stroke Unit 10         
10. BV Hoàn Mỹ SG  Stroke Unit 15           
11. BV Quân Y 175  Stroke Unit 14           
12. BV CK Ngoại Thần Kinh Quốc tế Stroke Unit 10      -  
13. BV Nguyễn Tri Phương Stroke Unit 65         -
14. BV Trưng Vương Stroke Unit 20         -
15. BV Quận 2 Stroke Unit 5     - -
16. BV An Bình Stroke Unit 8   - - -
17. BV Quận Tân Phú Stroke Team 2   - - -

(*): 2 first hospitals in Asia receive “Certificate Gold Treatment Quality Standard” of European Stroke Association

For more information, please contact:

Stroke & Intervention Center – City International Hospital

No 3, Street 17A, Ward Binh Tri Dong B, District Binh Tan, HCMC.

ĐT: (8428) 6280 3333 – Branch Line 8535.