Time to Schedule a Back-to-School Checkup
Saturday 18 August 2018
Getting your kids ready to start the school year involves more than finding the perfect backpack, buying school supplies, and shopping for new clothes. It means safeguarding their health so they’ll...
Tuesday 14 August 2018
Vaccine Availability Aug 13-19
Recently, the demand for vaccination has been increasing due to Vaccine Supply Problems at many Vaccines and Immunizations centers as well as major hospitals in Ho Chi...
Monday 13 August 2018
GI Endoscopy Consultations - Live  on Alobacsi
Alobacsi – Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy is longtime considered a "miracle eye" which helps in detecting GI and digestive tract diseases from inflammation to cancer....
Monday 13 August 2018
“Safe Labor Induction” Prenatal Seminar
Toward the end of your pregnancy, there are so many questions going on in mind constantly: How to Start Contractions and Induce Labor, “"When Will I Go into Labor? How...
Friday 10 August 2018
CIH-Westcoast Partnership in Oral Care for Kids with Autism
July 23, 2018, City International Hospital in collaboration with Westcoast International Dental Clinic has successfully provided advance oral care for a young Australian...

Title: Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department

Specialty: Diagnostic Imaging

Background Information:

Dr. Ha Thanh Tuyen has many years of experience working in major hospitals in the country such as Cho Ray, People's Hospital 115, MEDIC Medical Center. In addition, she also trained and worked in France and Germany.

Academic Titles- Ranks: Doctor of Medicine, Master of Science

Work Experience:

  • 1990-1991: Junior doctor, General Surgery, University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCM City & Cho Ray Hospital
  • 1992: Junior doctor, Neurosurgery, Pierre and Marie Curie University & Sainte-Anne Hospital, Paris, France,
  • 1992-1993: Junior doctor, Neuroradiology, Pierre and Marie Curie University & Sainte-Anne Hospital, Paris, France
  • 1995-2006: Doctor, CT-MRI Unit, MEDIC Medical Center, HCMC
  • 1997-2003: Head of CT Unit,  People Hospital 115, HCMC
  • 2000: Junior doctor, Radiology - University Hospital of Poitiers, Poitiers, France,
  • 2003-2009: Deputy of Imaging Department - People Hospital 115, HCMC
  • 2009-2013: Doctor, PET-CT and Cyclotron Unit - ChoRay Hospital, HCMC
  • 2011: Traineeship in PET-CT, Nuclear Medicine Department - Leipzig University Hospital, Leipzig, Germany,
  • 2013 - present: Head of Imaging Department - City International Hospital.

Professional qualifications:

  • 1990: Doctor of Medicine - University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCM City
  • 2001: Advanced Training Certificate in Radiodiagnosis and Medical Imaging - University of Poitiers, Poitiers, France
  • 2005: Master of Science in Medicine - University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCMC
  • 2008: University Diploma in Neurosurgery - University of Poitiers, Poitiers, France
  • 2009: Certificate in Foundations of PET-CT program - University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
  • 2011:  Certificate in PET-CT basic science and clinical practice – Cho Ray Hospital, HCMC