In Vietnam, The incidence of ulcerative colitis is high, with one out of  three people is at special risk for colorectal problems. Most patients are unlikely to be aware of the dangers of this disease. They tend to underestimate the symptoms of disease or not getting it treated properly, leading to severe illness. Worse are complications such as: acute dilated colon, perforation colon, colon cancer and death.


Last time at City International Hospital, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong, general surgeon at City International Hospital has received many cases of severe complications of colitis. In particular, a typical case is Ms. Huynh Thi H.L, 44 years old. During the first stage of the disease, ulcerative colitis caused her physical condition completely down. She suffered from severe weight loss, continually drain blood accompanied by headaches and dizziness. She continuously has been through many therapeutic treatments but none of them worked out well for her, she’s collapsed and this close to almost give up everything. Until she found out and gave International City Hospital a chance to become her biggest hope to get rid of this ulcer and together as a team of highly certified doctors and well-trained nurses at City International Hospital, we really did. Up until this point, Ms. L has no symptoms or serious complications like she did before.

"In the past, I did not notice any signs or symptoms, but sometimes the right side of my abdomen slightly got sour, my stools were hard with little blood and irregular menstruation," L said. I did gynecological examinations but they did not detect any abnormalities. However I still constantly got Rectal Bleeding , so I must be taken to hospital. Throughout the testing and treatment process at CIH, not only did my illness get incurably worse and worse but also my mental issue get  down to 0% to even want to do anything at that time. HCM City Central examination and treatment system told me my entire colon has a very severe ulcer, due to my liver problems, it is impossible to carry out any sort of medication or curable treatment. At this point, I was so Exhausted, my health was burned out and I was exhausted suffering from the biggest spiritual drain ever in my life. I love children, love my husband, love my family, I even made preparation for death.
Evening May 10, Ms. L again in the state of Excessive Bleeding rectal got taken to City International Hospital. At this point, she was diagnosed with colitis and severe ulcerative colitis. A week of medical treatment at City International Hospital through injection, infusion, colon removal, L still got bleeding rectal. On May 18th, after consultation, Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong decided to perform endoscopy on Ms. L.

Surgery is not as easy as it sounds when most of the colon and small intestine of the patient is slightly disturbed surgery which made it impossible to look at the abdomen. Therefore, the surgeon must perform on opening caesarean section, the suction tube to aspirate collapse colon and small intestine, to detect the colon with multiple colored segments, touch easily perforated (with two holes in the left colon. need to be sewed again). The surgeon carried the entire colon and ileum out of the abdominal cavity, then performed the colonoscopy doctor from under the anus, figuring out  about 10cm of the anus and rectum under the mucosa are thick, with some ulcers, but not bleeding. From 10cm or more rectal to about 5cm caecum, intestinal mucosal ulcer, multiple mucosal lining and more stagnant. There are ulcers in the liver coronary artery is bleeding red, gut wall is thin with a high risk of puncturing. In this situation, Dr. Cuong decided to cut 10 cm in the colon and the entire colon and the rectum up to 10 cm away from the anus edge, to the skin in the left pelvic cavity.

May 29, Ms. L was discharged with improved health, no longer bleeding. June 08, 3 weeks after surgery, her weight was 56.3kg, Eating well, good incision but still little sleep and turbid urine. June 16, after four weeks of surgery, Ms. L was no longer turbid. Postoperative 5 weeks, weighs 58 kg, eat a lot, good sleep, good healing incision. On August 21, Ms. L re-admitted to the hospital to close the artificial anus, conducted the colon and rectum. A week later, she left the hospital healthy and no more abnormal symptoms occurred again.
"At the time of admission at City International Hospital, my condition improved gradually. Especially after the first surgery, there is no continuous bleeding and abdominal pain. I was assigned to a 10 kg weight gain plan to be healthy enough for my second surgery. And really I ate well, getting hungry quite often, my digestive system should have been improved positively. Three months later, I began to recover from the anus and completely recovered from illness as well as staying healthy. As if it could only be a miracle, I knew that everyone in the family got so happy once I’ve completely got of such a deadly disease that I once thought would not be able to make it "L happily said.
According to Ms. L: "Compared to other medical centers I have been to up until this point, City International Hospital is way too much better, if not the best. Nursing staff is very friendly, dedicated to every little bit off their patient care mission. The doctors are professionally excellent, dedicated, always watch closely to my health progress. Their modern facilities and hightech equipment have comfortably saved my life, even my relatives feel the same. "
"To limit colitis, we need a timely, hygienic, and nutritious diet," says Gastrointestinal Specialists at City International Hospital. Do not skip meals, avoid long-term or rancid foods. Besides, regular exercise will improve Your Health And Well-Being. Never to underestimate digestive problems such as diarrhea, nausea, frequent abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. Don't take antidiarrheal medicines, laxatives or antibiotics. Patients should be monitored and treated directedly by their physicians once experiencing these symptoms and prevent long-term morbidity and serious complications. "

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